What you will learn in the book:

Greener Products: The Making and Marketing of Sustainable Brands
by Al Iannuzzi

Written by a renowned sustainability expert, Greener Products the Making and Marketing of Sustainable Brands makes the case for why the world needs products to be made in a different, more sustainable way. The first edition of Greener Products is used by leading universities. Greener Products … has been assigned as required reading for my class at Villanova University, Professor Tad Radzinski

Combines greener product design and green marketing in one book.

Contains >40 case studies of green design and marketing from leading companies

Explains how to connect greener product improvements with marketing greener attributes of products

Presents a sustainability toolbox that includes systems, tools such as life-cycle assessment and eco-innovation

Provides market insights on customer demand for greener products and best practices for green marketing

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Al has lectured at many prestigious universities in the USA on sustainability: Columbia, Harvard, Cornell, Duke, Villanova, University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, Vanderbilt, Yale, Rutgers.

I authored this book because the world needs Greener Products - things must be done differently.

Product developers, marketers and students will learn how to make and market sustainable brands from case study analysis of the world’s leading companies.

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An interview with Al Iannuzzi
for the Sustainable Brands conference
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